Our Students 

 At Chai Israel, our students are what make our program so amazing. Even though they come from different backgrounds and cities across North America, when our students arrive at Chai Israel they realize how similar they are to each other and how much there is to learn from one another. Even within the first few days here in Israel, strong friendships begin to form.

 Being on a program where you are living, learning and growing together with friends means that at times you will need to be a leader and at times a team player. At Chai Israel, we stress the importance of Achdus (unity) and teach our students how to work together as a group with the understanding that every person has unique qualities and talents that contribute to a successful  community. This is seen regularly in our group volunteering projects, our sports leagues and especially in our classrooms. Students learn plenty from their teachers but at times can learn even more from their peers.


Every aspect of Chai Israel is designed with our students' interests in mind. 


 Every aspect of Chai Israel is designed with our students interests in mind. When we plan our trips, events and even classes, we ask our students for their ideas and preferences so that the Chai Israel experience will truly be their own. When they have an idea and we work together as a team  to make it happen, it gives our student s a sense of accomplishment and success that is often so rare in other settings.


 Our students  often look up to our staff for advice and guidance almost as parents while they are here away from home. And in truth, our staff will give them the same attention and support as they would to their own children. We invest a lot of time and effort into making sure that every  student is comfortable and feels like they are an important member of the Chai Israel "family".


To meet some of our current students and alumni, find them on our student facebook page: www.facebook.com/ChaiIsraelGuys