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Chai Israel is designed  for students who are interested in learning and growing in Israel by connecting  to Judaism  through a diverse Israel experience. 
Our unique gap-year program combines thought provoking classes, volunteering, touring, exciting excursions, Israeli culture and meaningful experiences -  in  a  comfortable inspiring Jewish atmosphere.

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On a beautiful clear Wednesday morning, Chai Israel decided to take advantage of the last few days of sunshine before the rainy season in Israel begins. What better way to take in the sun then to sail out into the sea on a private sailboat.

Our yacht left the port at Herzalia and within minutes we were ready to sail. With the strong winds that day, we needed all hands on deck to raise the sails. Our captain showed us exactly how to hoist the sail so that we catch the wind at the precise moment to gain maximum speed. Once we got into a regular cruising mode we threw out a rope and decided to go for a swim. There is nothing more inviting on a hot day then the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean. We took turns diving off the deck and cannonballed into the sea.

After a two hour cruise along the Tel Aviv coast, we headed back to the port for some lunch. We found a nice quite spot along the sand dunes by the Herzalia beach and started to grill. With Dan Abikzer from Jersey as our Chef, things couldn’t be better. We played some soccer and ultimate Frisbee on the hot sand as our hotdogs, burgers and chicken wings cooked on the hot grill.

Relaxing on the beach and catching the last rays as the sun slowly set was a perfect ending to another great day at Chai Israel.

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