Everyday at Chai Israel is an adventure with new things to learn and new places to see . But throughout the year there are certain life changing events that stand out more than the rest. Here are a few highlights from the year that deserve honorable mention:

A. Sarel – Week long volunteering project on an Israeli army base
B. Gadna- Week long Israeli Army training experience
C. Yam L’Yam – Three day hike across Israel from coast to coast
D. Overnight camp out in the Negev Desert
E. Camp out in Meron on Lag Ba'omer
F. Overnight hike in the Golan Heights
G. Two day trip down to Eilat – watersports
H. Inspiring Shabbat in Sefat - The Mystical City
I. Week long Northern Israel restoration project
J. Spending Shabbat with families throughout the country
K. Building lifelong relationships with our amazing Rabbis and Madrichim.