The Mishnah in “Ethics of our fathers” tells us that one of the three pillars on which the world stands is the pillar of Chesed (acts of loving-kindness). We therefore take special effort into instilling upon our students the importance of Chesed not just by teaching it, but by going out into the world and acting on it.

Some of our projects are long term but in general, we dedicate at least one afternoon a week to this worthy cause.

Some of the volunteering projects you’ll experience:

• Yad Eliezer – packaging food to be distributed to families living below the poverty line. These packages are given to the families every week before Shabbat.

• Hazon Yeshaya – a soup kitchen for the needy, where our students help out with everything from cooking the food to serving it.

• Yad Sarah – Repairing medical equipment (e.g. wheelchairs) that’s given to those that need them but unfortunately do not have the ability to pay for them.

• Visiting sick children at the hospital and making them smile by spending time with them and gifting them with donated toys and candy.

• Jerusalem restoration. Some projects include planting trees and land development, restoring ancient sites, archeological digs and volunteering on our campus.