Knowledge is power. The Chai Israel philosophy is that learning has to be real and relevant to a student. We feel learning only begins when a student asks a question, until then it’s just random information. We create an inviting educational environment where students are engaged in the dialogue and become involved in the topic being discussed in the classroom and on our tours. Students can grow more from “life” experience than they do from classroom knowledge. When we finish our classes, We take our classrooms “on the road”.

Learning only begins when a student asks a question, until then it’s just random information. Every hike, trip, tour, and even a Shabbat dinner yields a lesson to be learned.

What you’ll experience:

• Warm dynamic teachers and Rabbis with knowledge in education and guidance.

• Small classes conducted formally and informally that allow you to get answers to your questions and be appreciated for your individuality.

• A Relaxed environment which allow you to grow at your own pace without religious or academic pressure , while at the same time being offered the tools and knowledge you want to use and incorporate into your life.

• A choice of exciting daily classes that range from Mysticism to Modern Jewish history that are offered on levels from the beginner to the budding scholar.

• A chance to study one-on-one with your Rabbis any topic that appeals to your mind.

• Special weekly guest speakers and visitations with Israel’s “celebrities” ranging from Grand Rabbis and Kabbalists to politicians and IDF soldiers.

• Hands on weekly afternoon Seminars that go way beyond the text.

• Jewish history tours from ancient to modern times. Where we visit the places we study about for an unforgettable re-experiencing of the events that shaped our people and our land.

• Learn how to read, write and understand our sacred Hebrew language through are Ulpan style classes. Offered on basic and intermediate levels.