What is Chai Israel?

Chai Israel is a unique post high school gap-year opportunity in Israel that combines thought provoking classes, exciting excursions, sports, challenging volunteer work, Israeli culture and meaningful experiences – in a comfortable Jewish atmosphere.

What makes us unique?

Chai Israel’s full spectrum gap-year experience was created for post high school students who have decided to spend a semester or year in Israel discovering their heritage, their religion, their land and themselves. Our program is designed to give students the opportunity to pause from the hustle and bustle of a student’s life and focus on their own self growth. With the guidance of our professional educators and world renowned Rabbi’s, our student’s can develop a life-long path that will enable them to intertwine modern society with traditional Jewish living. Chai Israel’s weekly schedule and academic curriculum caters to the diverse interests of nowadays teenagers. From paintball to basketball and from history to mysticism - Chai Israel students experience it all!

Who attends Chai Israel?

Chai Israel is comprised of male students between the ages of 17-19. Our students come from all types of Jewish backgrounds and upbringing regardless of Jewish observance or Knowledge.

What’s our educational philosophy?

The Chai Israel philosophy is that learning has to be real and relevant to a student. We feel learning only begins when a student asks a question, until then it’s just random information.

At Chai Israel, we create an inviting educational environment where students are engaged in the dialogue and become involved in the topic being discussed in the classroom and on our tours.

We believe that students can grow more from “life” experience than they do from classroom knowledge. Therefore when we finish our classes, We take our classrooms “on the road”. Every hike, trip, tour, and even a Shabbat dinner yields a lesson to be learned.

When we study a topic in class that may be a new idea or concept to our students, we’ll take them to “live it”. Whether it be experiencing Chesed by feeding the hungry, learning about our history at an archeoligical excavation, hearing about the holocaust from a survivor who experienced it or creating Achdus ( Jewish unity) while playing basketball with our friends and Rabbi’s.

What’s our religious philosophy?

At Chai Israel we aim to create a relaxed environment which allows you to grow at your own pace without religious or academic pressure, while offering you the tools and knowledge you’ll need to incorporate Jewish values into your life as you see fit. All food served on our program is completely kosher and Shabbat is observed. Students are requested to be respectful of religious observance on all group events and of their peers who wish to keep to a more religious lifestyle. All the Chai Israel Rabbi’s are Orthodox in practice.